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All rights reserved. In a world besieged by climate change -induced chaos and disruption, one satisfying image of order has emerged. It's an iceberg, shared online by NASA last Wednesday, that appears to be in the shape of a perfect rectangle with smooth, even walls, and degree angles.

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Giant icebergs are surrounded by ice floe drift in Vincennes Bay, Antarctica. While Antarctica's sea ice is growing somewhat, the Arctic and the world's glaciers are disappearing at a record pace. Using satellite data, a new study finds an answer to the paradox in wind and an ocean current that circles the frozen continent.

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Never miss a great news story! Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. UP Jal Nigam job scam: engineers sacked.

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The sinking of the RMS Titanic in shocked the world and attracted so much controversy that several conspiracy theories about her sinking have gained support. One version is that the sunken ship was actually the Olympicnear-identical sister-ship of the Titanicwhich was the subject of a large insurance claim, and that the two vessels were secretly switched before the voyage. Another was that the Titanic ' s owner, J.

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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. With only its deceptively small tip rising out of the water, the true size of the iceberg is hidden below the oceans surface.

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By Kate Mcalpine. When an ice cube melts in a glass, the overall water level does not change from when the ice is frozen to when it joins the liquid. Not quite.

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May 27, 8 comments. As the Arctic and Antarctic melt, there are more icebergs. Surprisingly, they do not add to sea level as they melt.

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The story was accompanied by what can only be a horribly photo-shopped photograph for the unassuming warmunista of a mushroom-shaped ice form teetering on a rocky outcrop. Supposedly it was photographed on the opposite side of the continent from which the record temperature occurred. Climbing such a structure would be a difficult technical climb for an experienced mountaineer.

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The National Advisor Bureau Limited has announced the launch of the official UAE-Iceberg Project website to highlight the most significant stages of the project, and its intended benefits in relation to the environment and the economy. The launch of the website coincides with the 'Year of Zayed'as the project aims to support the response to water calamities such as drought worldwide, and support other water projects aimed to promote the humanitarian work. The National Advisor Bureau Limited put forward the project of towing icebergs from Antarctica to the UAE coasts to leverage them as new sources of water in the region.

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Icebergs form when chunks of freshwater ice calve—or break off—from glaciers and ice shelves, as well as other icebergs. Melting can trigger calving, but it can also change the equilibrium of an iceberg, causing it to flip. In the case of this jewel-like iceberg, the ice is probably very old. Justin Burtonan assistant professor at Emory University who has studied the physics of flipping icebergs, says that the phenomenon is occurring more frequently now due to climate change.


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