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woman stripping off clothes
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Elvira, Mistress of the Dark features Elvira ripping the top off her blonde rival Patty when Patty tries to come between Elvira and her love interest Bob. In the final battle, Embryo disintegrates Ange's clothes before trying to rape her. In Nightmare , Kim had a nightmare obviously of being abducted by the Lorwardians during her graduation and then beheaded. Berserk : Played for horror during the Eclipse when Casca is captured and stripped naked by demons, a prelude of worse things to come for her. In Dexter's Laboratory , the Dial M for Monkey segment "Peltra" had Agent Honeydew strip the titular villain naked before beating her up and wrapping her inside metal sheets. Unsurprisingly , while Tohma was able to keep the Instant Armor that came with his Black Knight form , Lily and Isis were left completely naked while their enemies interrogated them. He succeeds with at least two of the sixteen players.

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Kiera. Age: 26.
woman stripping off clothes

Requiem Vampire Knight has an example where the protagonist does it to a villain when Requiem forces Claudia to remove her ballgown at gunpoint so his love interest Rebecca can disguise herself with it.

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Shameful Strip

No torture occurs, but there are apparent experiments that took place before hand. In the seventh season of Melrose Place , Eve knocks out Lexi and leaves her Bound and Gagged in her underwear in the bathtub. The Mothership Zeta DLC also starts like this, and leaves you that way until you can find your gear in a conveniently close storage container. The autonomous system ODE captures humans to become the core of their units.

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