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Gear: - 6 pieces of Inarius set are the core of the build. Tried another generic LoN pet build last night. Blood Rush Basically Necro's version of Teleport. Therefore, you need several healing skills and use life-spending and healing skills intermittently. With 2 pieces bonus and a lot of minions, the cooldown of Army of the Dead is significantly reduced. If you use Land of the Death and spam Devour, the second objective can be completed in seconds!

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Make sure you are wearing the set, of course.

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What style do you like best from Necro?

Cube: - Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang for the free curses and damage buff. More importantly, you can have several powerful minions active at the same time with further Revive. First of all, it only counts if Army of the Dead is on cooldown. If you have In-Geom sword Your skill cooldowns are reduced by 8—10 seconds for 15 seconds after killing an elite pack , you can spam Bone Armor after killing those elites.

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